Master-Sand™ Sanding Brushes and Heads

We offer replacement sanding brushes to fit all major brands, including Master-Sand™, Flex-Trim™, Slipcon, QuickWood™, Pro-Flex, and others.

We also manufacture brush sanding hubs to fit nearly any machine in existence.

Take a look at our NEW line of aftermarket abrasives to fit machines using the “QuickDisc™” system!

Ø10″ Easy-Discs™ in Cora green, AO brown, and SC black abrasives

Our products have been original equipment on some of the world’s finest brush sanding machinery since 2006. See for yourself why the Master-Sand™ system is simply the best value in brush sanding, and is the only brush sanding system manufactured in the United States of America.

Master-Sand™ products are often imitated, but no other company can deliver the same combination of quality, service, and price that we can. Our products help your machine deliver the best possible return on your investment.