We have equipment in house available to test your samples with our abrasives and heads. In-house testing is limited to linear materials; e.g. mouldings, flooring, reclaimed siding, etc.

We are always happy to discuss other applications, but due to the wide variety of machine designs that exist in the field, generally we are unable to provide in house test results for other types of machinery. For example, we simply can’t duplicate the sanding action of a large rotary sander. We have other ways to help you evaluate our products with these machines, so please get in touch with us if your machine is of this type.

We strongly encourage sample testing whenever possible, and we will gladly perform tests for you at no charge. Your sample test will include a full report, including photographs, of the test, so you will have results that are immediately applicable with Master-Sand™ products.

If you’re interested in sample testing, or for more information on our quality profile sanding products, please get in touch with us through our Contact page.