Here’s an example of how Master-Sand™ sanding brushes can really boost your bottom line.

A typical sanding brush:
55 mm height
630 mm length
Cora KF376 green aluminum oxide abrasive


Typical Retail Prices:

  • European manufacturer: US$33.32 per brush ($1199.52 for set of 36)
  • Master-Sand™ replacement sanding brushes: US$17.86 per brush ($642.96 for set of 36)


What’s the difference?  When it comes to performance and durability, NOTHING.  When it comes to lead time, we’ll deliver faster.  When it comes to price, you save $15.46 per brush, and put over $550 in your pocket for each sanding head you fill.

We understand times are tough.  Why spend more on European-made brushes when you can get the best quality and the best service at the best price?

Give us a call or send an email today.  Let us know you’re switching from another brand of sanding brushes, and we’ll pay the freight on your first order.

Master-Sand™ replacement sanding brushes fit heads from Master-Sand™, Flex-Trim™, Pro-Flex, Slipcon (straight hubs only), and most others.