Master-Sand was formed in 2006 to provide users and manufacturers of profile sanding machinery with a high quality alternative to costly European brush sanding systems.

Our team has over 200 combined years of experience in the industrial brush industry, as well as the hardwood dimension industry. We have been small business owners since the 1950s, and know what it takes to best serve a customer. Our extensive experience both in brush manufacturing and wood processing gives us a distinct advantage over the competition. We understand the ups and downs of all sizes of business, and are in a position to make our products work for you.

We are not a distributor. Raw materials for our products are sourced worldwide, but all manufacturing of sanding brushes and cores is done by us in Toledo, Ohio USA.

It is our goal to be your chosen brush sanding supplier. We do this through our core philosophies:

  • Honesty. We believe that business is best done honestly, and will always deal with our customers and vendors in an honest manner. We treat all customers fairly, and honor our mutual commitments with our distributors and OEMs.
  • Quality. We strive every day to deliver the best quality products we possibly can, and we will stake our name on this. If you have a problem with a Master-Sand™ product, we will make it right – guaranteed. In fact, Master-Sand sanding brushes and cores are original equipment on some of the world’s finest profile machinery. Our OEMs believe in Master-Sand™ quality.
  • Service. Without our customers, our business would not exist. We do our best to deliver a high quality product where you need it, when you need it. We are available almost any time to serve your profile sanding needs.
  • Value. We have never claimed to have the cheapest brush sanding system. However, our prices are extremely competitive because we keep our overhead low. This way, we can provide you with the highest quality product, the best service, and an overall value in brush sanding that is simply found nowhere else in the world. This is the Master-Sand™ way.