Last updated February 28, 2012.

We are currently changing our standard abrasive stock from Deerfos-brand to Cora-brand.  As we work through our inventory of one grit in Deer, we will replace it with Cora.  This list will be updated as we work through our inventory.

If you do not specify abrasive in your order, we will automatically use Cora abrasives if available.

This list is not exclusive; it’s just what we have on the shelf at the moment.  If you need a certain abrasive, we have connections with many different manufacturers, and will gladly bring in the material you require.  Minimum orders will apply.

NLS = no longer stocked.

Deer JA165
Aluminum Oxide
Deer KC237
Silicon Carbide
Cora KF376
Premium Aluminum Oxide
P60 NLS In stock
P80 NLS In stock In stock
P100 NLS In stock
P120 NLS In stock In stock
P150 NLS In stock In stock
P180 In stock In stock In stock
P220 In stock In stock In stock
P240 In stock
P280 In stock In stock
P320 In stock In stock
P400 In stock