A few things to note about the Model 1:

Ease of Use:

  • Rotary action with flexible brushes avoids impact with work.  Does not bounce.

    Master-Sand™ Model 1 in use

  • Recommended powerhead: cordless right angle drill.
  • When used with 18V cordless right angle drill, the tool’s length allows excellent control over tool, and the battery weight balances the tool for minimal fatigue.
  • 3/8″ shank for compatibility with any right angle drill.


  • Performs well on flat surfaces, contours and edges.
  • Flexible brushes conform to shapes and contours.
  • Can be used in any position; horizontal, vertical, and any angle in between.
  • When used with VSR drills, speed can be varied to adapt to most applications.
  • Wide range of abrasive grits available (P60-P400, many in both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide) for any application from coarse sanding to sealer sanding.


  • Low entry cost of $159.95 includes sanding head, arbor, and first set of sanding brushes in your choice of grit.
  • Quality abrasives keep themselves clean and deliver extra long life; dust and debris is swept away by the airflow created by the tool.
  • Additional sets of brushes are affordable at $59.95 and are guaranteed consistent quality.


  • When used with right angle drill, risk of hand and wrist injuries due to torque is minimized.  The long length and balanced nature give the user constant control over the tool.
  • Recommended PPE: safety glasses; dust mask.

Recommended Power Tools:

  • Ryobi P240 18V cordless right angle drill
  • DeWalt DW960 or DCD690 cordless right angle drills
  • Any right angle drill capable of variable speeds from 350-1000 rpm

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