A few things to note about the Model 2:

Ease of Use

  • Simply mount head to drill press, lathe, or Shopsmith.  Set your speed to 500-750 rpm, and you’re ready to work.
  • 1/2″ shank ensures compatibility with all drill presses.


  • Excels at all sanding of linear moldings and small parts.
  • Flexible brushes adapt to any profile without changing over.
  • Varied flaps cut into abrasives either float over high spots, or clean out detailed sections of your workpiece.
  • By varying the speed, you can adjust the hardness of the sanding head.  Faster speeds = harder sanding.  Slower speeds = more flexibility and gentle sanding.
  • Wide range of abrasive grits available (P60-P400, many in both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide), to fit any application from rough sanding to sealer sanding and denibbing.


  • Priced for the individual craftsman or small shop.  Initial cost of $249.95 includes sanding head and first set of sanding brushes in your choice of grit.
  • Additional sets of sanding brushes are $107.95.
  • We use only quality abrasives designed for the longest life and best finish possible.  Abrasives keep themselves clean by dispersing dust with the rotation of the tool.


  • Gentle sanding action reduces the risk of abrasion injuries.
  • User must feed work against rotation of sanding head.  Never hand-feed a leading edge into the Model 2; kickback will result.
  • NEVER use the Model 2 on hand-held power tools.  Use only on stationary equipment.
  • NEVER wear gloves while using the Model 2.
  • Recommended personal protective equipment: safety glasses, dust mask.

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